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Our Principles

As a political activist group, our activity has 3 main goals:

1. To serve:

For young dissidents, the pervasive feelings of loneliness, boredom, and oppression are all too familiar. The regime's tyranny not only shatters interpersonal bonds but also actively discourages unity. As the Assembly of Citizens, we stand united with you, our fellow dissidents, to build a platform for communication, learning, and mutual assistance. Our aim is to rebuild healthy interpersonal relationships among individuals who have long been divided and conquered by the Chinese regime, and who are currently unable to form a united front against the tyranny.

2. To explore

We believe there are unique circumstances, problems, and opportunities in different periods of history. It is futile to either adhere to old dogmas or act rashly with blind passion. We, the Assembly of Citizens,  are involved in deconstructing real issues. We are not just chanting the slogan "Down with CCP," but we also question China as a stable, holistic and unshakable concept. We do believe that the CCP is neither a real communist political organization nor simply an authoritarian political party of power since violence is not their only tool to maintain their control of China, but the strategy of divide and conquer had successfully reshaped the Chinese society and atomized the individuals, which stripped their ability to form any organization to express their idea and demand. Lastly, we are exploring a new way of resistance in the age of social media. We believe it is a double-edged sword because it is indispensable for organizing political demonstrations. However, it can also be manipulated and infiltrated by the authoritarian regime of the CCP to weaken the civic society.

3. To protest

The Assembly Citizen recognizes the importance of resistance, and we are refusing to passively wait for another Tiananmen Square protest. We will not just consume the efforts and sacrifices of anyone who has the audacity to say no to China; we are the main actors, and we will write our own history in the democratic movement of China.


Our Six Principles

  • Be critical, not anti-intellectual.

  • Be its own master, not the others.

  • Be progressive, not conservative.

  • Be active, not cynical.

  • Be explorative, not unexplorative.

  • Be open not closed

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