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Our Principles

As a political activist group, our activity has 3 main goals:

1.1. To serve:

Loneliness, anxiety, and depression are very common among young dissidents. The first thing that tyranny destroys is the relationship among persons. The tyranny is also hostile to the cooperation of people. We will serve the young dissidents by providing a platform of communication, study, and mutual help, which aim to rebuild cordial relationships among people.

1.2. To explore

The new situation, problems, and chances will always emerge when a new era is coming. It will be no use to stick in the mud or act recklessly when the challenge comes. The Assembly of Citizens’s exploration means to question the current strategies for our problem constantly. For example, when we hear the slogan “Take down the CCP (Chinese communist party),” first we need to ask: Is “China” a stable, defined concept? How come the Chinese Communist party called itself a “communist party” but has no similarity to communism? Can we say tyranny is what it is because it relies on violence? Last, what does it mean to be a member of an oppositional force in the age of social networking?


1.3. To protest

The Assembly of Citizens itself is an organization to protest against the tyranny of the Chinese regime. We will never compromise or run away from the front of political opposition.


Our Six Principles

  • Be critical, not anti-intellectual.

  • Be its own master, not the others.

  • Be progressive, not conservative.

  • Be active, not cynical.

  • Be explorative, not unexplorative.

  • Be open not closed

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