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How we started

In February 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang, the first whistleblower of COVID-19 in China, passed away after contracting the virus. In response to the Chinese government's mishandling of the pandemic and restrictions on freedom of expression, a group of Chinese international students organized large-scale protests in cities like Toronto and Montreal, leading to the initial formation of the Assembly of Citizens.

Over the following two years, the Assembly of Citizens engaged in and organized multiple political rallies to resist the Communist Party of China's tyranny and support democratic movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In May 2022, the Assembly of Citizens was officially registered in Canada and established branches globally, including in Canada.

In June 2022, the Assembly of Citizens participated, as one of the organizers, in a significant demonstration in Toronto commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Since its foundation, the Assembly of Citizens has steadily grown, attracting new members from various places worldwide. It has also established fruitful collaborations with many other organizations and media outlets. Several key members of the Assembly of Citizens have frequently appeared in media interviews.


As a youth resistance organization, the Assembly of Citizens believes the Communist Party of China, aka the CCP, is our enemy.

The Assembly of Citizens believes that no one, regardless of their political ideology or nationality, can truly enjoy the freedoms and security they rightfully deserve until the CCP regime and all its affiliates are overthrown.

The Assembly of Citizens contends that in China, minority groups are being oppressed, their rights are stripped away, their freedoms are trampled, and the unrestrained political power of Chinese government pervasively invades and controls every part of society. Under the current increasingly harsh political climate, the life of many ordinary Chinese citizens has drowned into a cycle of victimization and perpetration.

The Assembly of Citizens is also forthright in acknowledging that it has not yet found a quick-fix solution, but we firmly believe that we are fighting for "our freedom and yours"—not only for the freedom of Chinese people but also for the people to be free from the overseas oppression of China.

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